Conservation Management Plan

Founder William Lever and subsequent custodians of the village ‘moved with the times’. They introduced change as it was needed while preserving the character of the village. Port Sunlight Village Trust (PSVT) and village stakeholders face similar challenges.

We must make the most of the opportunities open to us while preserving what is so valuable about the village. The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) sets out PSVT’s ten-year plan to do just that. It celebrates the history, buildings, open spaces and community of the Port Sunlight Conservation Area, and describes our approach to managing, maintaining, conserving and enhancing the heritage of the village. The CMP includes an Executive Summary, main report and supporting appendices. These can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

For technical reasons, on 1st August 2019 PSVT temporarily removed the main report for the CMP and appendices 5, 7-9 and 15 from its websites. The documents will be reinstated as soon as possible. In the interim, paper copies are available for review during normal business hours at Port Sunlight Village Trust’s main office (23 King George’s Drive, Port Sunlight, CH62 5DX) and the Community Hub at Bridge Cottage (23 Park Road, Port Sunlight, CH62 4US).

Executive Summary:

Executive Summary for the Conservation Management Plan

Main report:

Conservation Management Plan – Full Report

Action plan:

Conservation Management Plan – Action Plan 


Appendix 1, Timeline of Key Dates

Appendix 2, Review of Built Heritage Actions

Appendix 3, Review of Landscape Actions

Appendix 4, Exterior Conditions Survey

Appendix 5, Landscape Condition Survey

Appendix 6, Monuments and Memorials Survey

Appendix 7, Built Heritage Map

Appendix 8, Character Areas Map

Appendix 9, Monuments and Memorials Map

Appendix 10, Site Plans

Appendix 11, Built Heritage Policy

Appendix 12, Landscape Management Policy

Appendix 13, Environmental Policy

Appendix 14, Access Policy

Appendix 15, Superblock Location Map

Appendix 16, Public Consultation