Please help support Port Sunlight

There is nowhere like Port Sunlight.

The village means many things to so many people.

  • A safe and secure home for residents.
  • A place to remember loved one’s past and present.
  • A centre of clubs, societies, and leisure amenities for the local community to enjoy.
  • A great place to work and volunteer.
  • And an enjoyable day out for those who come from near and far to explore the beautiful art and architecture and well-manicured parkland and gardens.

No matter what your reason for being here, all of us are collectively sharing in William Lever’s progressive vision for people and place.

Port Sunlight Village Trust is custodian of this special place, a privilege we take very seriously. We work hard and, on your behalf, to support the local community, conserve the village’s unique heritage, maintain the landscapes, and celebrate the founder’s legacy. But we cannot do it alone. As a charity, we rely on the generosity of people like you to help us fulfil our vision ‘to make Port Sunlight, an inspiring place to live, work and visit’.

Join us today and become a custodian of Lever’s extraordinary legacy. Together we can secure a successful and sustainable future for Port Sunlight and its people.