The Boating Pond

Boating Pond and Sea Piece fountain

The Boating Pond and its fountain are one of Port Sunlight’s most loved features. However, recent condition surveys have discovered it needs significant work to ensure it can provide joy and beauty for many more years to come. Find out more about how you can support this work below.

Why the Boating Pond is important

The Boating Pond was designed as a toy boating pond by one of the village’s most prolific architects James Lomax-Simpson and was built in 1932. The bronze sculpture in the centre of the pond is called Sea Piece and is in fact an ornamental fountain, which was added in 1950 and designed by Sir Charles Wheeler.

It is a central part of The Diamond, an area designed by Ernest Prestwich and inspired by the City Beautiful Movement popular in the USA at the turn of the century. Together with the Lady Lever Art Gallery, it provides a picturesque setting that has been enjoyed by generations of residents and visitors to Port Sunlight since it was built.

Today, both the Boating Pond and fountain are Grade II listed.

Why is it currently empty?

Recently, condition surveys revealed that the original design of the Boating Pond and the use of materials like concrete and cement have caused significant problems. The stonework is deteriorating due to saturation and water was continually leaking.

To stop further deterioration of the stonework, prevent contamination of the ground and stop the wastage of water, we took the difficult decision to turn off the fountain and rubber matting was installed for protection.

What are we doing?

Since 2021, we have been actively working with conservation advisors to identify the most appropriate solution. We are undertaking the long, complex journey to bring this beautiful feature back into use, however this will cost close to £400,000.

We will be sharing details of our plans to repair the Boating Pond later in 2023. Please check this page or follow us on social media for updates.

We were recently awarded a £20,000 Movement for Good Award from Benefact Group to help us move forward with this project.

Give your support

To carry out the significant work needed to repair and protect the Boating Pond for future generations to enjoy, we need your support. Please donate online below or inside Port Sunlight Museum. As a charity, every penny we receive is reinvested back into the village. Thank you.


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Boating Pond and Sea Piece fountain