Public Realm Consultation


Port Sunlight Village Trust (PSVT) has commissioned the production of a Public Realm Strategy for Port Sunlight in partnership with Wirral Council. This is a unique opportunity to consider how the original vision, heritage values and character of the Village can be explored through a 21st Century lens, where environmental sustainability, diversity and inclusion, health and wellbeing, and accessibility are highly significant contributing factors for liveability and creating a sense of place in which to play and work.

We’re here to hear your views on the challenges facing the Village and opportunities for the public realm. To find out more about the event visit our What’s On page, or to fill out our survey click here. When filling in the survey you may need to view our consultation boards, you can either view these below or click here to view/download the PDF.

Who are we?

Port Sunlight Village Trust (PSVT) and Wirral Council have commissioned Planit‑IE, Urban Designers and Landscape Architects, to develop a public realm strategy for the Village.

What we need to consider…

  1. Should the public realm focus on restoration of the historic environment or adaptation for the current and future needs?
  2. How can the public realm help to respond to the climate crisis?
  3. Can the public realm improve connections with the wider neighbourhood whilst strengthening the existing community and liveability of the Village?
  4. Can we create safer streets?
  5. How can the public realm enhance the visitor experience as well as help tell Port Sunlight’s story?
  6. Can the public realm help attract a wider audience and make Port Sunlight a more inclusive Village?
  7. How can a 21st Century understanding of health and well-being translate within the public realm?
  8. How can the Village enhance its connectivity and accessibility across and beyond its boundaries?
  9. How can the open spaces be improved and better contribute to the resilience, sustainability and liveability of the Village?
  10. How can our approach towards the street furniture, materials, lighting and signage contribute to Port Sunlight’s identity?

Project Timeline

What is Public Realm?

The public realm includes all the spaces between the buildings, including the streets, monuments and landscape features, views and vistas, public open spaces, and in Port Sunlight’s case the communal spaces at the back of the blocks, the large verges, and front gardens also. The road carriageways and pavements throughout the Village are adopted by Wirral Council, which is a significant area of the public realm, therefore it is important that this piece of work is delivered in partnership with Wirral Council.

We acknowledge that as residents and visitors you have participated in previous consultation events. We would like to expand on that conversation today.

What you have said previously…

  • Green spaces are invaluable, but more spaces for younger people are required
  • People drive fast and dangerously
  • Opportunity to increase the allotment offer
  • Opportunity to increase the cycle parking
  • Opportunity to integrate car parking more formally
  • Maintenance of pavements requires improvements
  • More regular, imaginative events
  • Opportunity to create a proper centre within the heart of the Village

Lever’s Vision… For then and now

As a design team we believe that in order to even begin to make suggestions for future interventions we must understand what has come before, and how the historical context has informed all that is present. Any design recommendations we make are conceived as a continuation of that place based timeline, respecting the existing spirit of the place, whilst daring to push forward appropriate changes to secure its successful future.

Port Sunlight is no different, in fact that approach and belief is never truer than in such a context. A key part of our analysis has been to understand Lever’s original vision and how it may form a bridge between the past, present and future. We have set out below our interpretation of that vision.


We have spent the last few weeks getting to know the Village and some of the issues and challenges which affect the public realm. These findings have been informed through several site visits, mapping physical constraints, desk top research and a stakeholder walkabout and workshop. Below is a drawing which describes some of our main conclusions.




What would you like to see and where? 

We welcome your input and would like to find out more about what public realm improvements and opportunities you would like to see. If you would like to take part, then please fill out our survey here.

Things to think about

Places to play, spaces for events and gatherings, recreation and leisure facilities, biodiversity and wildlife, cycle routes and parking, benches, bins, lighting and signage!