Why should I join Neighbourhood Watch?

Statistics show that belonging to Neighbourhood Watch scheme significantly reduces the possibility of becoming a victim of crime. Empowering and encouraging people to be prompt in reporting suspicious activity will help reduce vulnerability, decrease the opportunities for crime and demonstrate to potential criminals that they are in a security conscious area.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes bring community spirit back into neighbourhoods by creating and maintaining a caring community. It gives people the opportunity to get to know and help each other and helps provide a strong voice when action is necessary to solve a local problem.

Merseyside’s Neighbourhood Watch has four main objectives:

• Cut opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour by improving security, increasing vigilance and increasing crime prevention awareness
• To help detect crime by promoting prompt reporting of suspicious and criminal activity and encourage effective communication.
• Provide reassurance to local residents and reduce the fear of crime by empowering and encouraging communities to take ownership of local issues
• Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities by helping to establish Community Spirit and improve police/community liaison

If you are interested in getting involved please email citizens.in.policing@merseyside.police.uk, telephone: 0151 777 4182 or via post at: Citizens in Policing, Canning Place, Liverpool, L1 8JX