Port Sunlight Tour App: a new way to explore Port Sunlight

If you are looking for something to do between Christmas and New Year, why not download the new Port Sunlight Tour App for free and experience this special village like never before!

Using augmented reality technology, there are three exciting tour themes to choose from: Making it Happen, Life at Port Sunlight and Port Sunlight at War. At your own leisure, visitors can choose to do one tour at a time or discover all three during your visit and enjoy finding out all about
 what it was like growing up in the village from going to school to dancing the night away in Hulme Hall? Or to see footage of what the landscape looked like before William Lever embarked on his exciting vision to turn the land into what we know today.

 You can pick a point of interest from the tour map on the app and then be whisked away to another lifetime to see how Port Sunlight developed over time into the beautiful village you see today.

Visit tour.portsunlightvillage.com to find out more and to download the app.