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Port Sunlight Museum’s latest special exhibition showcases the work of the three local photographers who contributed most to the pictorial record of Port Sunlight village during its first 25 years: Edward Jenkins, George Cotton and Jonathan George Davies.

Technical innovations in the late 1880s meant that cameras began to get smaller, lighter and less expensive and photography became accessible to millions of people who had no particular professional training. At Port Sunlight, the working and social environment meant that Lever Brothers employees had the spare time and disposable income to indulge in their hobbies, and as early as 1896 the village could boast a group of photography enthusiasts who were beginning to record every aspect of community life.

Port Sunlight in Focus 1896 – 1916 traces the early amateur photography of Edward Jenkins and George Cotton through to the commercial work of J George Davies as all three portrayed the village for their own pleasure, whilst also contributing to Lever Brothers rapidly expanding public relations machine. Rare and unpublished images of the village are displayed alongside some of the iconic views that helped Port Sunlight to achieve worldwide fame.

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