Our commitment to being anti-racist

Updated 12th November 2020

Port Sunlight Village Trust is custodian of an incredibly special heritage site. Our role is to care for Port Sunlight’s heritage and to use it to inspire, educate and entertain. Respect is one of our core charitable values; we value diversity and aspire to treat everyone fairly. The Black Lives Matter movement has brought this into sharp focus.

The problem

We know that we do not currently explore the more difficult and challenging aspects of William Lever’s business practices in our museum and public spaces.

We now commit to telling a full and balanced story

  • We will talk about William Lever’s colonialist enterprises in Central Africa and elsewhere.
  • We will explore the impact he may have had on other communities, both near and far.
  • We will highlight racism.

We want to meet the challenge of telling William Lever’s full story with our partners and our community. We will help bring new meaning to Port Sunlight’s heritage, to encourage fresh perspectives and conversation. We want to reflect a true picture of events.

Dealing with inequalities

The challenge does not end with the story of William Lever. We must also take a proactive approach to dealing with inequalities within our own organisation and the wider village community. Our next steps will lay strong foundations for the future, but this is just the beginning of our journey towards promoting anti-racism in Port Sunlight.

In 2020/21 we will:

Review the museum collection and our heritage assets within Port Sunlight village to identify past and present associations with racism and colonialism.

Commission an internal diversity audit of our ways of working, policies, plans and programmes.

• Work with village and academic partners to commission independent research to better understand the impact of William Lever’s business practices on people.

Support our workforce to publicly present the more challenging aspects of William Lever’s legacy.